Pierogis Like Great-Grandma Made

Katherine Yurek and her husband Jeremy decided to open their new business, Baba and Pop's Pierogi Kitchen & Bar on Friday, the 13th of March. "Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me," she says with a laugh. This was no ordinary Friday the 13th given the pandemic, but Yurek sounds upbeat. After running a food truck for several years, she says, the couple realized a lot of their customers wanted to take pierogis home. In 2016, they began shifting their sales to farmers' markets to meet this demand.

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Aurora, Colorado's Baba & Pop's famous handmade pierogies come in a whole smorgasbord of flavors, and this pack allows you to enjoy 4 dozen in your flavor your choice, whether you're looking for traditional or something a bit more "new world." Flavor varieties include traditional potato and cheese stuffed (roasted potatoes and mild cheddar), spinach and feta stuffed, roasted sweet potato (can be served sweet or savory), pulled pork stuffed (18-hour house dry-rubbed slow roasted pork shoulder), chile relleno stuffed (roasted hatch green chiles, Monterey jack cheese), and -- depending on the season -- its Holiday Feast Pierogi, which is stuffed with roasted potatoes, turkey gravy, and stewed cranberries).

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For an altogether different brunch vibe, head east to Baba & Pop's, 9945 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora, where the pierogi shop is debuting its Sunday Funday menu on Sunday, October 4. The showstopper? An enormous 50-ounce Bloody Mary (dubbed the Buddy Mary, after the owners' son, who's hopefully old enough to indulge in his namesake cocktail) that comes garnished with fried chicken, an entire kielbasa, pierogi, chiles, cheese curds and (amazingly) more. We repeat: 50 ounces (that's almost a half-gallon of cocktail)! You can get the monstrous morning drink for $48 - or, if you're a coward, quitter or loser, you can opt for the merely bottomless version (without the meat stick) for $16. (Oh, yeah, there's also a delicious double cheeseburger on the menu.) You can snag the drink from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every - okay, maybe not every - Sunday.

Baba & Pop's Adds Pierogies to Growing Aurora Food Scene

For those who grew up in Polish or other Slavic families, nothing brings back memories of childhood time around the holiday table (or of late-night leftovers eaten in the glow of the refrigerator light) more than a good pierogi - hopefully handmade and slathered in sour cream and buttery onions. But metro Denver has very few options when it comes to pierogies, although those with a good nose have tracked down Baba & Pop's, a mainstay for the past several years on the food truck and farmers' market scenes.

Katherine and Jeremy Yurek, founders of the mobile eatery, are ready to put down roots, so they're launching Baba & Pop's Pierogi Kitchen & Bar at 9945 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora on March 13. Baba & Pop's is named after Jeremy's Polish great-grandparents, Josephine and Charles (Baba and Pop to family members), who came to the U.S. in the early part of the twentieth century, and Jeremy is now the third generation of Jurek men to carry on the pierogi-making tradition. The original pierogi recipe that Baba & Pop's still uses came from Josephine, who first passed it on to her son...

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I was first introduced to pierogi as a kid. Not that my family was Polish, but more that we enjoyed the occasional kid-friendly comfort food night. A little browned butter, some caramelized red onions, salt, pepper, a dollop of cool sour cream and voila! My passion for these doughy, potato and cheese filled dumplings was ignited.

Pierogi are traditionally known to be a Polish cuisine and, while the roots haven't been confirmed, I would still put my empty stomach and full trust in a traditional Polish family recipe.

Baba & Pop's Pierogi began their venture long before selling their first batch off a food truck almost four years ago. Jeremy Yurek-owner and great grandson of Baba & Pop-has been making pierogi for as long as his memory will recall. The family recipe was brought over from Poland almost 100 years ago then passed down through two generations, at which point it reached Jeremy....